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Bridging the generations through music using the backdrop of the Great American Songbook.

Your American Jukebox was formed in 2015 and is a 10 - 18 member band made up of local musicians. We perform live We perform live music at parties, shows, in concert and at/or for special events in  the Big band style.

Our evergreen repertoire of big band music includes the following genres: Classic Rock, Disco, Latin, Rhythm n Blues, Jive, Swing, Jazz,  POP and traditional Big Band Classics. Our music represents each decade of American music from the 1920s through today. 

Requests prior to your event for special tunes and/or specific genre(s) that coincide to an event theme or wish, are welcome I.e. special tunes for Bridal dances, party themes, pageant music and more.

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